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Think of the most interesting man you know. Now imagine what he would be like had he grown up in a tarpaper shack without indoor plumbing, joined a monastery, had an extensive career as a female model, actress, author and screen writer, then traded in his weave and acrylic nails for a Ph.D. in neuroscience. If you have been able to conjure up that image, turn it up to 11... and let's do it!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

L'shanah tovah

Please God, for this new year, bring us greater understanding of each other.  Let us all go on our individual journeys towards whatever it is that the Universe has sat forth for us. 

I pray that I become a kinder, and better man than I was last year.  As I sit with my sins, may I learn from them, more than lorn from them.  Help me walk through the fear of things that I do not understand, and cannot understand.  

Please God, help me to be just a little better each day than the day before.  Let me be a little bit kinder, and more understanding.  The tremendous anger for the wrongs I see, the wrongs I've felt, let me leave a little bit each hour of each day.  

I want to be a good man, Great Spirit of the Iroquois, God of the Hebrews, Allah of the Muslims and Lord of the Christians.  May I come to learn to be more accepting like the buddhas.  Lead us not into war and disharmony, but lead us towards our nature as a social creature.      

On September 2nd, I began my final journey around the sun.  May I finish all the things that you have set forth for me to do.  Let it be a busy trip.  I won't ask your forgiveness from you my God, because  if I have to ask, then answer is no. Forgiving is what you do.  If there is any forgiveness to be asked for, I  ask for it from myself.  

Thank you God, for the little joys, and the tender mercies, that have appointed my life.  Thank you for trusting me to carry laughter in my quiver.  Thank you for the people you have surrounded me with.  In these final miles, let me walk in the pathway of service and duty, let me work to the close of each day, and I know you will be with me, and that I have been a bodhisattva.   

- बोधिसत्त्व

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